Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sad? Unbelieavable but True

The most sad thing I read in long long time:
As per the law, the death penalty will have to be confirmed by the Bombay High Court. Kasab also has the right to move the high court against the trial court verdict. Even if the high court upholds the judgment, he can appeal to the Supreme Court. If the apex court too upholds the sentence, he has the option of filing a mercy petition before the President of India.
source: Times of India

Can't we have a special case for such rarest of rare criminal? Why do we have laws that treats 'extreme terrorists with proven guilts' equal to common man? I agree these laws are to prevent atrocities by Police, forced acceptance of crime etc. but Pakistan manufactured Terrorists should not be treated in that way. Crores are spent in his security. It is all tax-payers money! These tax-payers include those who lost their precious one on 2611.
What lesson wil more fidayeen get? Do more attacks? At most you will be given death sentence? That too will take more than a decade.. And with such a weak laws on security (quote: burqa clad suspicious woman led to landing of plane), it would be easy to hijack any plane and terrorist get free, ready for more attacks !

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