Wednesday, July 23, 2008

music of life

Just when I was getting node in energy at office my colleague suggested me I never like listening to music at office but just wanted to give it a try. The site is amazing and more so it gives a realisation that music is life. Music is so important for life. Whatever mood you are, just tune into some light music.
I was remembering time when I used to just be my own jukebox and play my fav songs all songs (and sometimes play this game on voice chat with nana and pragya.. remember guys)

Btw. currently my playlist includes khuda jaane, aditi, kismat konnection etc etc etc.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jaane tu..Ya Jaane na

This is all about the new release Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane na !!
The movie is well hyped, so much so that when we were going for the movie next week of its release we were considered late. All our friends (and even their parents) have enjoyed this movie before us.
So with much enthusiasm we went for the movie, reaching 15 min before time (my wife because she don't want to miss a single minute of movie or trailers and me because i don't want to miss national anthem)
Movie started with some cracking voices and it came out that there is some tech fault and whole theatre stood up and shouting, creating an amazing scene. It was like first time I have seen so many people dared to stand together for a single cause. And this was the end of the interesting events in the whole movie.
Good points first: Music is quite good, it surely gives me smile whenever I tune into radio and this songs comes. Title song is amazingly sung by AR Rehman holding the notes. And he makes all his songs so difficult to hum. Pappu is just some random noise, but it gives fun definitely. Kabhi Kabhi is definitely a very sweet and best song of the movie. Kahin Toh, hogi woh is a lovely romantic song I heard after a long time. Last time I enjoyed such song was - Aaj meine dil se from movie Mein Meri Patni aur Woh!!
Acting wise Naseeruddin Shah was 'The Best' and he lived upto his status. Ratna Pathak has played the role of Imraan's mother quite well. Arbaaz and Sohail are irritatingly funny :-) Rest all (in a nutshell): Genelia's dialogue delivery is poor (just better than Kangana Ranaut), Imraan is cute and probably he can act well but nothing much for this poor guy to do here. supporting friends were hopeless....
Now here comes the story. Who says Aamir was slow ? JTYJN is slow because there is very less story in it. And who says that story is 'very next door'. This is typical bolly-movie. Hero dreaming of some warrior, finally comes out that he is a prince of Ranjhor. some weird conditions to become prince of Ranjhor. And whats the mistake of poor girl whom Aamir dumps because of heroine. End was like we were watching some 90s masala movie where hero is doing everything to get heroine. Crazy or what to like it ?
Overall this was a light movie (if we remove the pathetic ending), and good camera work has saved it from getting worse. Overall it will get 2+1/2 * from me. 2 because of all the reviews above and 1/2 because ---

My wife liked Imraan a lot, just to make me comfortable she says Imraan looks like me :-). So for her I am giving additional half star more.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Bose advertisement

Have you seen new bose advertisement. I can't remember the tag-line exactly but its something like: sound from soul.
The effect is amazing, there is no dialogue and only music. And I must say you can just feel this ad rather than getting it to know by someone.
The ad goes like this: (warning :: spoiler of the ad)

A girl is waiting at a restaraunt, a guy is somewhere in a room in hurry, scribbing something. He reaches to the restaraunt where the girl is waiting and hands over the folded paper to the girl. At first it seems its a letter he wrote to her. She opens the letter and he move her index finger on the musical notes written on the paper and as the fingers are moving the music comes: Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you... it ends when a drop of water fells on the paper.. and this drop of water is precious drop of tears from girl's eyes. It comes out that girl is deaf. And in the end slogan comes: sound from soul.

Truly amazing ad after a long time. Wonder!! In the ad of an speaker the main character is deaf.
Good ad after a long time!!