Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome to a new blogger

I welcome one of my best friend, guide, mentor, philospher and one of the funniest guy (at least he thinks so :-) ) to the world of blogging: by Saurabh Banglani

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What an Idea sir ji

One Sunday, I was walking to the nearest departmental store for some daily needs shopping. What I saw next is quite normal in our country, but what I did next is not at all normal of myself.
I saw a traffic policeman talking to a wrongly parked car driver. I always admire the tough job of traffice police. How they have to stand against every weather, pollution, dirt everything, its really very tough. And I guess they are not paid in proportion to their job. But still, that is no reason to sought for other 'means' to earn.
Back to the scene, I was sad on what was happening. I knew the car driver will offer some money which will go into the pocket of the policeman and policeman will demand for more. I have seen this happening earlier as well. But as I was myself driving many of the times, I avoided glancing at them so that I may not fall in their trap. But this time, I just stood there. I dont know what compelled me to do so. But I just stood there looking at them. I did nothing, said nothing just staring at the proceedings. This made both of them little uncomfortable, policeman more. He kept on stealing a look on me from corner of his eyes. And finally, to save the embarassment he took out his receipt book. Wrote something and handed over to the driver, the driver signed on it and paid the fine.
May be, it was all mockery by both of them.
May be, it happened only because this particular policeman has the shame to save from embarassment.
May be, May be, May be.. But I felt really good. This is a silent response to prevailing corruption at the lowest level. If we all react to such incidents in the similar way, it will help moral policing the police !
What say ?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sad? Unbelieavable but True

The most sad thing I read in long long time:
As per the law, the death penalty will have to be confirmed by the Bombay High Court. Kasab also has the right to move the high court against the trial court verdict. Even if the high court upholds the judgment, he can appeal to the Supreme Court. If the apex court too upholds the sentence, he has the option of filing a mercy petition before the President of India.
source: Times of India

Can't we have a special case for such rarest of rare criminal? Why do we have laws that treats 'extreme terrorists with proven guilts' equal to common man? I agree these laws are to prevent atrocities by Police, forced acceptance of crime etc. but Pakistan manufactured Terrorists should not be treated in that way. Crores are spent in his security. It is all tax-payers money! These tax-payers include those who lost their precious one on 2611.
What lesson wil more fidayeen get? Do more attacks? At most you will be given death sentence? That too will take more than a decade.. And with such a weak laws on security (quote: burqa clad suspicious woman led to landing of plane), it would be easy to hijack any plane and terrorist get free, ready for more attacks !

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sachin on Twitter

A small tweet on this blog to advertise Sachin Tendulkar on Twitter: sachin_rt !!