Thursday, May 14, 2009

A new Blogger on the block

I welcome my wife to the world of blogging !! : Start is good, hope she continues with it.
Title of the blog is Me_Mazee.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yun hota toh kya hota..

I was born on 2nd April 1982 that was the happiest day for my parents! Ever since then, their first priority is always Me. They did their best to send me to best possible school in Indore, provide me everything required to prepare for IIT-JEE. All this without letting me know the pain of earning a single penny.

That’s the case with so many of us. Our parents take all the pain to provide best upbringing. And when we grow old we fell in the same cycle. We go out to earn and in a way there is actually a very small percentage of our life we spend with our parents, with our wife and with our kids for whom we get so busy to give them best nurturing.

I think our social structure is quite imbalance. It expects a lot during one time and leave free on the other. Why we have to work and set our career along with taking care of family at the same time? In the end most of us crib to compromise career for our family or not getting enough time for family.

Since I am born till 25 years of age, I spend for education, my parents taking care of me. From 25 to 40, I spend only on career. I shall work as hard as possible, doing as much as I can in these 15 years. And in a way this will improve my productivity as I know I have to work for these 15 years only! At 40, I get married and start my family. So if I live till 65-70 I will spend all the time with my wife and kids. I will never crib for not having time for my family. And no problem financially because I (and my spouse equally) have spent last 15 years building my career and earning. And in a way I get time for myself, my family i.e. my parents, wife, kids and friends.

Shouldn’t this be better?