Monday, January 11, 2010


I posted my last blog (excluding the lazy announcement - "am back") in May-2009. Now as I am stepping into blogosphere again I would pen down the last 6-7 months.
June-July were pretty much lazy. I always love Mumbai rains! All relaxed time in office as well. Then by mid July, an opportunity knocked at my doorstep. I was asked if I can go to Tokyo, for 3 months!
Immediate reactions:
+ Tokyo
- 3 months

Even if my wife comes for a month, I have to live alone for almost 2 months. But I got good support and encouragement from her. Finally, I reached Tokyo on 1st August. The whole experience of Japan was awesome. My parents too came for 15 days and we explored almost every corner of Japan on Shinkansen-The Bullet Trains. We went to:
Kyoto, Nara, Nikko, Hakone, Nagoya: Toyota Motor Plant, Kamakura, Hiroshima, Miyajima, and
Disneyland !!!!!!!
[My diary of Japan would be released little later :-) ]

I loved Japan, more because our parents enjoyed there. It was first Foreign trip (in fact first air fly) for my parents. And they truly loved it. More so because what a lovely and friendly country Japan is.
On our way back, we (me and my wife) stayed in Hong-Kong for few days and went to Macau to enjoy the casinos out there.

We came back to India by October end. Since then we are pretty much in Mumbai. Went to Indore for cousin's wedding. Indore is always a lovely foodie place. In fact, Dhanashree landed in Indore at 8PM and at 9 we were in Sarafa-A night time food crazy plaze

Went to Pune for a family function on the long weekend of Christmas. This is first time that we drove all the way to Pune. But it was an amazing drive. The max speed that I reached was 135kmph and it was very comfortable drive in my Maruti Baleno! While coming back we reached at Powai, Mumbai from Kothrud, Pune in less than two and a half hours...

New Years party was cool! Friends came at our place and we played and had fun. Now waiting for 27th January - Our Second Anniversary !!

For 2010: I have made many resolutions..Hopefully would keep them all..
: Going for desert Safari @ Jaisalmer in Feb end.
: Planning a trip of North with friends from Hyderabad.
: Started twittering (or we call it twitting?)

That begins my blogging in 2010 ____-----------^^^^^


Dhanashree said...

bingo...all the best for this brand new season :D!!

Vipin Kumar said...

u should also jot down the rest of 37 resolutions also.

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